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Our Program Statement

Our Program Statement:
As a licenced child care centre under of the Ministry of Education, we are committed to being in compliance with the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 at all times.  In addition to that we have adopted “How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years (2014)” as the document to guide and influence our approach to curriculum.  
"How Does Learning Happen?" is organized around four foundations that are considered to be essential for optimal learning and healthy development for children: Belonging, Well-being, Engagement, and Expression. The four foundations apply regardless of the child’s age, ability, culture, language, geography, or setting. Unlike a structured curriculum, the conditions are high-level states of being that children naturally seek for themselves and should not necessarily be viewed as separate elements.
We view children as competent, capable, curious and rich in potential.  Research indicates that when children are calm and feel a sense of belonging and well-being they are ready to learn.  By building trust and creating supportive, positive and responsive interactions between the children and staff and among the children, learning can take place.  
By following the children’s interests they are happy to engage in learning and express their unique ideas and creativity.
Engaging families in the program builds on these positive relationships and supports the child in their healthy growth and development.
The Board of Directors and our Administration Team are committed to annual review and evaluation of our Program Statement and Implementation Policy.  Adjustments will be made as needed as we continue to learn and evolve.  

Pumpkin Patch Program Goals and Indicators
Following each goal is a sample list of indicators of compliance with the Program Statement.  It is a by no means a comprehensive list.

(a) promote the health, safety, nutrition and well-being of the children;

(b) support positive and responsive interactions among the children, parents, child care providers and staff; 

(c) encourage the children to interact and communicate in a positive way and support their ability to self-regulate;

(d) foster the children’s exploration, play and inquiry;

(e) provide child-initiated and adult-supported experiences;

(f) plan for and create positive learning environments and experiences in which each child’s learning and development will be supported;

(g) incorporate indoor and outdoor play, as well as active play, rest and quiet time, into the day, and give consideration to the individual needs of the children receiving child care;

(h) foster the engagement of and ongoing communication with parents about the program and their children;

(i) involve local community partners and allow those partners to support the children, their families and staff;

(j) support staff in their continuous professional learning 

Our Approach to Program Implementation
Pumpkin Patch Day Care is in the unique position of being accredited and fully trained to deliver the “Working with Others” program.  We have spent more than 10 years learning how to build trust, communication and problem solving skills with the children.  These things are embedded into our relationships with children and the way we teach.   The “Working with Others” approach serves as the “how to” when it comes to the four foundations of learning: Belonging, Well-being, Engagement and Expression. 
Teachers do observations on each of the children and record it on a weekly basis.  The observations serve to capture the children’s interests, inquiries and discoveries.  Based on these observations the teachers determine the children’s interest.  Program planning follows; teachers provide materials and provocations to deepen the children’s thinking and learning.  
Teachers will create pedagogical documentation that demonstrates children’s thinking and learning.  Documentation may take many forms, such as photos with learning stories, video clips, art projects, etc.  Documentation will be displayed in the classrooms and shared with parents.
There are a number of ways in which we mentor and support teachers in implementing our program goals:
All employees, students and volunteers shall review and sign off on the program statement prior to interacting with children, annually and when the program statement has been modified. Records of this shall be kept for 3 years.
Monthly team meetings will take place with the teachers in each classroom to support them in their program implementation.
Monthly staff meetings will take place with the full staff team to provide a forum for on-going learning for staff and an opportunity to contribute to the evolution of the program and overall effectiveness of the centre.
Individual observations of each teacher will take place twice per year, accompanied by feedback and mentoring on their performance and teaching style.
On-going monitoring of the classrooms will be done to ensure that the Contravention Policy is being observed and that none of the prohibited practices are happening. In the event that any prohibited practices should occur immediate disciplinary action will take place according to the centre’s policy.  (Refer to the Policy Manual for the full details of the Contravention Policy).
Training will be provided to all students and volunteers so that they are familiar with the program statement and implementing all aspects of it along with the classroom teachers.

Mission Statement

In Partnership with Families,Mt. Hamilton Baptist Day Care, “Pumpkin Patch”, provides a professionally led, child centred program, in a Christian environment.
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